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The following is a list of the intramural sports currently available: 
Basketball (SFCC & SCC) Soccer (SFCC only)
Bowling (SFCC only) Softball (SCC only)
Flag Football (SFCC only) Tennis (SFCC only)
Fun Runs (SFCC & SCC)
Volleyball (SFCC & SCC)

All intramural sports at CCS are available to both men and women. The athletic department has implemented a new policy for non-CCS or former CCS students that have an interest in participating in the intramural program at CCS. The non-CCS or former CCS student must register for intramurals and pay a $30.00 fee and then will be eligible to participate in the CCS intramural program. Please remember that all the intramural programs are subject to cancellation based on student interest and involvement. For more information on specific activities and schedules, contact Bruce Johnson at SFCC 533-3647 or Ken Jones at SCC at 533-7448.