Tradition of Excellence

161 NWAC Championships
150 NWAC Regional Championships
12 NCWSA Championships
3 NJCAA National Championships
326 Total Team Championships
as of 2-8-2018
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Strength & Conditioning/Nutrition

CCS Athletics - Strength, Conditioning and Nutrition

Strength & Conditioning
Here at CCS Athletics we strongly believe in a well-planned, periodized strength and conditioning program to maximize athletic performance.  The benefits of a strength and conditioning program include: increased metabolic rate, decreased post rehabilitation and recovery time, increased bone density, injury prevention, improved balance, flexibility, mobility and stability, increased lean muscle mass and muscle strength, power, and endurance.  Training programs are offered year-round to help athletes optimize athletic performance.


We provide sport nutrition workshops and seminars to give athletes the resources to incorporate healthy eating habits into their daily lives.  Nutrition analysis, evaluation, and counseling are also available to athletes as a team and on an individual basis. The purpose of this process is to promote both optimal health and enhanced athletic performance. Eating requirements are addressed based on sport-specific nutritional needs.  Evaluation and assessment tools include the use of appropriate tests and observations such as case histories, body composition, physical signs, and nutrition/lifestyle analysis. Results of these assessments can help to determine effective and individually based nutrition suggestions. When appropriate, assessment also provides the basis for referral to other health professionals.