Tradition of Excellence

161 NWAC Championships
150 NWAC Regional Championships
12 NCWSA Championships
3 NJCAA National Championships
326 Total Team Championships
as of 2-8-2018
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Men's Tennis History and Team Records

NWAACC Championships

Year Tournament Ranking
1973 NWAACC 2nd Place
1974 NWAACC Champions
1977 NWAACC Champions
1980 Eastern Region Champions
1980 NWAACC 2nd Place
1981 Eastern Region Champions
1982 Eastern Region Champions
1982 NWAACC Champions
1983 Eastern Region Champions
1984 Eastern Region Champions
1984 NWAACC 3rd Place
1985 Eastern Region Champions
1986 Eastern Region Champions
1986 NWAACC 3rd Place
1987 Eastern Region Champions
1989 Eastern Region Champions
1989 NWAACC Champions
1992 NWAACC 3rd Place
1996 Eastern Region Champions
1996 NWAACC 3rd Place
1998 Eastern Region Champions
1998 NWAACC 2nd Place
1999 NWAACC 2nd Place
2001 NWAACC 3rd Place
2002 NWAACC 2nd Place
2003 NWAACC 3rd Place
2004 NWAACC 3rd Place
2005 NWAACC 2nd Place
2006 NWAACC 3rd Place
2007 NWAACC 2nd Place
2008 NWAACC Champions
2009 NWAACC 2nd Place
2010 NWAACC Champions
2011 NWAACC Champions
2012 NWAACC Champions
2013 NWAACC Champions
2014 NWAC 2nd
2015 NWAC 3rd

NWAACC Coach of the Year

Year Coach School
1982 Wally Heidenson Spokane
1989 Wally Heidenson Spokane
1992 Michael Pidding Spokane
1994 Michael Pidding Spokane
2002 Wally Heidenson Spokane
2008 Wally Heidenson Spokane
2010 Wally Heidenson Spokane
Spokane’s NWAACC Tennis #1 Single Champions
Year Player
1974 Bill Wagstaff
1982 Larry Omlin
2001 Roman Borvanov
2002 Nick Clayville
2008 Michael Shelton
2010 Tyson McGuffin

Spokane’s NWAACC Tennis #1 Doubles Champions

Year Players
1973 Bill Wagstaff
  Steve Wagstaff
1974 Bill Wagstaff
  Kim Jackson
1977 Mike Hoefel
  Mark Van Noy
1989 Alex Tibbetts
  Ron Hewett
2001 Roman Borvanov
  Corey DeLeonard
2008 Doug Truitt
  Mike McIntosh
2010 Tyson McGuffin
  Peter Brown

Notable CCS Players

Roman Borvanov (2001)-Went on to play at the University of Portland.  He was ranked in the top five in the Pacific Northwest Men's Open Division.

Pat Dreves (1991-92)-Went on to play and coach at Whitworth College. 

John Gant (1980)-Runner-up in the NWAACC.  Gant went on to play at the University of Washington and Eastern Washington University. John has spent the last 21 years involved in tennis in Spokane.  He has been the Head Tennis Professional at North Park Racquet Club, the men's tennis coach at Gonzaga, as well as a high school coach.

Larry Omlin (1981-82)-NWAACC Champion who went on to play at the University of Portland. Omlin became a top ranked PNW Professional. He is currently a Businessman in Bellevue, Washington.

Sam Stinsen (1993-94)-Continued on to Eastern Washington University.

Alex Tibbetts (1989)-Singles runner-up at the NWAACC Championships in 1989 and the Doubles Champion.  Tibbetts played three years as #1 singles at Lewis and Clark State College in Lewiston, Idaho.  He led LCSC to Nationals all three years he played.

Bill Wagstaff (1973-74)-Played at the University of Oregon. Wagstaff became a top ranked PNW Professional. He has been the boy’s coach at Mead High School since 1977, winning 15 league titles.