Tradition of Excellence

161 NWAC Championships
150 NWAC Regional Championships
12 NCWSA Championships
3 NJCAA National Championships
326 Total Team Championships
as of 2-8-2018
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Women's Golf History and Team Records

The Community Colleges of Spokane women's golf team has a  very competitive program, having won the Northwest Athletic Association of Community Colleges (NWAACC) championships 13 times out of the last 18 years.

Our players have gone on to play at:

  • Colorado Christian University
  • University of Great Falls 
  • Idaho State University  
  • University of Idaho  
  • Boise State University  
  • Eastern Washington University  
  • Austin Peay University  
  • Lewis-Clark State College 
  • Western Washington University  
  • Whitworth University
  • St. Martin's College
  • Oregon Institute of Technology
  • Arizona Christian University
NWAACC History
2017 League 3rd Place
2017 NWAC Champions
2016 League
3rd Place
2016 NWAC
3rd Place
2015 League 3rd Place
2015 NWAC 3rd Place
2014 League 2nd Place
2014 NWAACC 2nd Place
2013 League 4th Place
2013 NWAACC 5th Place
2012 League 3rd Place
2012 NWAACC 2nd Place
2011 League Champions
2011 NWAACC Champions
2010 League Champions
2010 NWAACC Champions
2009 League Champions
2009 NWAACC Champions
2008 Eastern Region Champions
2008 NWAACC 2nd Place
2007 Eastern Region Champions
2007 NWAACC Champions
2006 Eastern Region Champions
2006 NWAACC 2nd Place
2005 Eastern Region Champions
2005 NWAACC Champions
2004 Eastern Region Champions
2004 NWAACC Champions
2003 Eastern Region Champions
2003 NWAACC Champions
2002 NWAACC 3rd Place
2001 Eastern Region Champions
2001 NWAACC Champions
2000 Eastern Region 2nd Place
2000 NWAACC Champions
1999 Eastern Region Champions
1999 NWAACC 2nd Place
1998 Eastern Region Champions
1998 NWAACC Champions
1997 Eastern Region Champions
1997 NWAACC Champions
1995 NWAACC 2nd Place
1994 NWAACC 2nd Place
1993 NWAACC 2nd Place
1992 NWAACC Champions

NWAACC Women's Coach of the Year

2011 Christie Dalsanders Spokane
2010 Christie Dalsanders Spokane
2007 Christie Dalsanders Spokane
2006 Christie Dalsanders Spokane
2005 Christie Dalsanders Spokane
2004 Christie Dalsanders Spokane
2003 Christie Dalsanders Spokane
2000 Paul Tikker Spokane
1998 Paul Tikker Spokane
1997 Paul Tikker Spokane
1995 Paul Tikker Spokane

Former CCS Women Golfers that have gone on to play at four-year colleges

Alexa Bell University of Great Falls
Crystal Conant Western Washington University
Megan Field Idaho State University
Kelcie Gardner Oregon Institute of Technology
Jessi Hiatt Lewis-Clark State College
Molly Jensen St. Martin's College
Chelsea Kenner University of Great Falls
Darby Moberg Whitworth University
Alyssa Osterback Colorado Christian University
Kelli Parker Whitworth University
Kate Parks University of Idaho
Dawn Pegram Austin Peay/Lewis-Clark State College
Cindy Pitkin University of Great Falls
Brianna Rose Boise State University
Ashton Smith University of Great Falls
Kelsey White University of Great Falls

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