Tradition of Excellence

161 NWAC Championships
150 NWAC Regional Championships
12 NCWSA Championships
3 NJCAA National Championships
326 Total Team Championships
as of 2-8-2018
Spokane Community College Square Spokane Falls Community College

CCS Players Drafted Professionally

Action Team Meeting

Year Player Drafted By
1969 Phil Jones Philadelphia Phillies
1970 Greg Branum New York Yankees
1971 Rick Ralston New York Yankees
1972 Mike Davey Atlanta Braves
1972 Paul Sinclair Tri-City Ports (Independent)
1973 Craig Mitchell Oakland Athletics
1975 Steve Watson San Francisco Giants
1977 Larry Patterson Seattle Mariners
1977 John Smith San Francisco Giants
1979 Rick Witt San Diego Padres
1980 Dan Klosicki Cincinatti Reds
1980 Tim Stamper Cincinatti Reds
1982 Mike Kellogg San Diego Padres
1982 Don Sparling Kansas City Royals
1982 Dave Snell San Francisco Giants
1984 Doug Parton Cleveland Indians
1984 Tim Rypien Toronto Blue Jays
1984 Russ Swan Houston Astros
1985 Jay Fox Toronto Blue Jays
1986 Russ Swan San Francisco Giants
1987 Dan Hendrickson San Francisco Giants
1987 Bob Wells Philadelphia Phillies
1988 Steve Schuerman Houston Astros
1988 Brian Whittall Chicago White Sox
1989 Dan Hendrickson San Francisco Giants
1991 Michael Call Chicago White Sox
1995 Tim Hackman Los Angeles Dodgers
1996 Adam Flohr Los Angeles Dodgers
1996 Brett Deboer Arizona Diamondbacks
1996 Gavin Hare New York Yankees
1997 George Petticrew Kansas City Royals
1998 Josh Ervin San Diego Padres
2000 David Hixson San Francisco Giants
2000 Steve Jackson Oakland Athletics
2002 Kevin Richardson Texas Rangers
2003 Nigel Goodwin San Diego Padres
2005 Jordan Moore Colorado Rockies
2007 AJ Proszek San Francisco Giants

Major League Players listed in BOLD